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escarpment - The Malt Miller

Thoughts, musings and general opinions on most things, some even related to brewing!

Escarpment The Kveik Ring: Framgarden BB:

3rd October 2022

Framgarden is the next-door neighbour to the popular Ebbegarden kveik. Framgarden offers less guava and more melon and mango notes, which we think would pair perfectly with hops like Cashmere, Sabro, Strata, and Galaxy

Escarpment Voss Kveik BB:

3rd October 2022

Hailing from Voss in Norway, this is not your average yeast. Voss loves to ferment hot, giving off the most aromatic citrus smells this side of an orange grove.

Escarpment Hydra BB:

27th January 2022

A more juicy flavour coupled with strong mango and citrus aromatics. Suited to hazy, hoppy beers from sessions to DIPAs

Escarpment Lactic Magic BB:

29th September 2021

Lactic Magic produces lactic acid from glucose in your wort. Since it is a yeast, Lactic Magic can be used to make hop-forward sour beers without annoying re-boiling steps!

Escarpment Spooky Saison BB:

29th September 2021

A saison strain a little different from the rest. Produces a beer with balanced saison characteristics. Apparitions of spice, and a spectre of orchard fruit. Pairs nicely with Brettanomyces strains.

Escarpment Czech Lager BB:

29th September 2021

This traditional Czech Lager yeast rewards patience with a clean, crisp profile and accentuates subtleties in selected malt and hops.

Escarpment Fruity Wit BB:

29th September 2021

A Witbier strain that produces tons of complex fruity esters while still prominently displaying classic Witbier character. Medium-low flocculation helps ensure classic Witbier haze.

Escarpment The Kveik Ring: KRUSHER BB:

29th September 2021

KRUSHER can be used anywhere you want clean flavour results at a wide range of temperatures as well as a dry finish. While it is not quite as lager-like as KRISPY, we think KRUSHER can sub-in on pseudolagers, or ferment super clean West Coast IPAs faster than American ale strains.


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