3 ways to make a splash at a homebrew competition

Those lovely folks at LAB (London Amateur Brewers) have written us a guest blog post with some tips about entering your brews into competitions. I had my first experience ofRead more…

Friedies BrauHaus – Doppelbock Karla Brew Day

We’re big fans of Friedies Brauhaus, and we know Paul as he is one of our many European customers and friends. So when he told us the news about hisRead more…

Controlling Fermentation Temperature

In this video we show you how to build your own fermentation chamber from a fridge. For most home brewers this one step has the biggest leap forward in theRead more…

Mangrove Jacks beer kits and brewery in a box

In this video we show you just how easy it is to start home brewing your own beer using the Mangrove Jacks brewery in a box along with the MangroveRead more…

Recipe Generator – creating bespoke beer kits

For those who haven’t used it the Recipe Generator allows customers to order their own bespoke recipe by the gram and to their requirements. It’s one of the most lovedRead more…

Our kegerator build

So we have recently built a new kegerator for serving our beers at The Malt Miller, well you can’t have a work place without beer on tap, not when thats your business, and we do like to offer a beer to anyone that pays us a visit.

So you want to start kegging your home brew

One of the most asked questions we get asked is what do I need to start kegging my beer? We offer two kinds of corny keg, reconditioned ones, and newRead more…

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