Fermentum Mobile – Wet Yeast Supplier

You may have noticed that we’ve massively increased our yeast offering here at the Malt Miller. We fly yeast in from all around the world to ensure that we areRead more…

Mangrove Jacks beer kits and brewery in a box

In this video we show you just how easy it is to start home brewing your own beer using the Mangrove Jacks brewery in a box along with the MangroveRead more…

By The Mash Tun

We’ve recently being listening to ‘By The Mash Tun‘ podcast, we love a good podcast about brewing and it was great to find one that was UK based. So whenRead more…

So you want to start kegging your home brew

One of the most asked questions we get asked is what do I need to start kegging my beer? We offer two kinds of corny keg, reconditioned ones, and newRead more…

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