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I live within the EU, can I buy hops from you?

Posted on 12th April 2022

Yes, you can definitely buy hops from us but there are some restrictions. You must be purchasing as a private individual, not a business, and you must restrict the total volume you order to below 1kg of hops or 300g of hop extracts such as Flex, Spectrum, Incognito etc.

EC Regulation 1295/2008 states hops and hop products imported into to the EU need to be accompanied by an Attestation of Equivalence (AoE) issued by an authorised agency by the third country of origin. However, there are certain exemptions to these regulations.

Article 10 of EC Regulation 1295/2008 states:

By way of derogation from this Regulation, neither the production of the attestation referred to in Article 1(2) nor compliance with the provisions of Article 5 shall be required for the release for free circulation of the following hops and hop products where the weight of the individual package does not exceed 1kg in the case of hop cones and hop powder and 300g in the case of hop extracts:
a.    small packages for sale to private individuals for their own use;
b.    for scientific and technical experiments;
c.    for fairs covered by the special customs arrangements for fairs.

As a re-packager of hops, we are not be able to supply an Attestation of Equivalence, so please ensure when ordering that your order complies with the exemptions laid out within Article 10.


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