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I’m in Spain can you supply me with Malt, Hops, Grain or Sugars.

Posted on 13th July 2023

Unfortunately, as much as we would love to continue to supply ingredients to our customers in Spain, since leaving the EU customs union Spanish customs have interpreted regulations differently from other member states and reject the import of all brewing ingredients, classing them as food.

This does not affect orders for equipment, it simply relates to Grain, hops, sugars and yeast.

As such we have put some measures in place to restrict the ability of customers in Spain from searching for ingredients on our website. Please note that this is not necessarily 100% effective; IP addresses do not necessarily accurately locate themselves to the country of origin and where customers may follow links from internet searches, or previous orders, the site may physically allow you to place an order.

Regrettably, the fact that Customs will not allow the import of these goods means that we can not fulfil any orders, to be delivered to Spain, which contain brewing ingredients. If you are successfully able to place an order containing ingredients, that order will be cancelled and refunded.


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