The Malt Miller – Brexit and its impact on you as our customer

Posted on 21st January 2020

As we move closer to the 31st of January we have been receiving more questions about what happens, will you still be able to get all the products you are used to, will we still be able to ship to our customers in the EU? So we felt we should give some information on this:


The January 31st date has no impact on our service to any of our EU customers. There will be no delays in shipment and no extra costs in taxes or shipping. A business-as-usual transition period will follow as negotiations to establish a future relationship beyond December 2020 take place.


EU customers – There is no immediate overnight change to processes or requirements for us to ship to you. But if and when these are defined, we will be able to adapt and work within any new parameters that we are given. We already have experience of shipping outside of the EU and using commercial invoices, so it will not be too much different to those customers we supply.


UK customers – we source a number of products from the EU, this will not change and we will continue working with the suppliers of these product to ensure supply continues beyond the 31st of January with little to no impact on you. We already source outside of the EU so are able to manage any changes to our importing requirements.



During 2019 we were working on a number of projects help us to minimise any potential impact on you: our new warehouse doubled our storage so we have more stock on hand at any time, automatic generated commercial invoices for orders when or if these are required, and a second courier option that will give next day shipping within the EU and outside of the EU.


There are of course things outside of our control such as currency markets that can impact on prices that we are paying for product inside and outside of the UK/EU, the last 3 years these rates have jumped and dropped overnight more than any other period so we now forward buy currencies to reduce the impact on you and to keep the price you pay the same as much as possible, as we also don’t really want to be adjusting prices every week based on markets.


Regardless of Brexit its business as usual, we will continue to suppling you and whatever challenges it brings we will work with and overcome.


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