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Fresh Wort Beer Kits

We are delighted to bring Fresh Work Beer Kits to the UK/European market. This is professionally produced wort from a 15-barrel brewery to our recipe spec. Simply purchase the kit, select the yeast, pour into a fermenter and ferment.

Brewers are able to choose yeast strain, fermentation temperature dry hops etc. to make the final product exactly as required.

Minimal equipment is required, see our fermentation and bottling starter kit here

See YouTube review here


Instructions: -

Please read all of these instructions before starting.


1.     Using a flat blade screwdriver remove the tamper evident ring from around the cap.

2.     Clean and sanitise the top of the Jerry can

3.     Clean and sanitise your fermenting Vessel

4.     Remove the jerry can lid and pour into the fermenter.  At this point it is good to pour with vigour, this will add oxygen to the wort, advantageous at the start of fermentation.

5.     Using a knife or scissors (NOT YOUR TEETH!) undo the yeast sachet and sprinkle on top.

6.     Replace the fermenter lid and fill the airlock with cooled boiled water or prepared No Rinse solution.

7.     Ferment at 18-22c till the gravity reads approx. 1012 for at least 2 days

8.     Gently move the fermenter to a cooler place, ideally 12c or under for a few days, longer will help with clearing. It is wise to place the fermenter in the position that you will be bottling meaning that the fermenter will not need to be moved again.

9.     Add just under half a teaspoon of table sugar to each 500ml bottle, less if you prefer a lower carbonated finished product

10. Fill each bottle from the fermenter taking care not to aerate (Oxygen is bad at this stage) and crown cap.

11. Leave the bottles to stand at room temperature for 5-7 days then cooler, or fridge for a further few days.

12. Drink! You may find that the beer is cloudy at fridge temperature, it should clear as it warms slightly.


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