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Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed some FAQ below. If there are any other questions you think we should include here then please contact us.

Q: - Are my credit card & PayPal details secure?
All online payment authorisation is handled by third-party companies eg PayPal & WorldPay.
Our system just receives acknowledgement that payment is authorised (or not) back from them.
No credit card details are stored on our website database.

Q - Is my password held securely?
Our website uses an ecommerce system that only stores an encrypted version of the customer's password in its database.

When a customer logs in, the system automatically encrypts the password entered and this is compared to the encrypted version stored in the database.
If they match the customer is logged in.

The log in page and other more sensitive areas of the website use SSL encryption, so the information entered is encrypted before being sent over the internet. In this way your password is encrypted by your browser before it is sent to us. These more secure pages start https://

Our staff can not see the customer's password on the ecommerce system.
Even if our development staff look directly at the MySQL database using special database software all they would find is the encrypted version of the password.

When a customer forgets a password, the system automatically generates a new password and sends an email directly to the customer. These automated emails are not stored on our website or other systems we use. No staff member sees them.

If you feel that the email system you use is not secure, we recommend that you change the new password using the 'Change Password' page in the 'Your Account' section of the website. NB: These pages are only available after you have logged in.

The website does have an administrator's facility for staff to change a client's password if a client requests it.
This was designed for where a client calls to ask for a specific password to be set manually.
As a security policy we do not offer this service. Clients can easily use the Forgotten Password page to request a login page to request a new password be automatically generated for them and we feel this is much more secure.