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CRYO HOPS™LupuLN2™ Citra 50g

CRYO HOPS™LupuLN2™ Citra 50g

Product Information

LupuLN2 Citra 50g

2016 Harvest

Alpha: 24%

We are delighted to be able to offer this new type of hop product, this could just reinvent how brewers perceive flavours produced by hops used at the end of boil and for dry hopping. The use of our nitrogen back flush packaging and cold storage is essential to eliminate spoilage as the lupulin glands oxidise very quickly once the bale has been opened. Once purchased store in the freezer and use in one go to avoid oxidation.

LupuLN2 is the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma, enabling brewers to dose large quantities of hops without introducing astringent flavors or vegetative cone material. During early R&D trials, brewers specifically cited ‘juicy’ and ‘resinous’ characteristics. LupuLN2 offers twice the resin content of traditional whole-leaf and hop pellet products, and should be dosed at approximately half the amount by weight.

To preserve the sensitive resins and oils, Cryo Hops pellets are produced at a mean temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit. This is approximately 30 degrees cooler than average T-90 hop pellet production temperatures.

Developed by Yakima Chief – Hopunion, Cryo Hops represents the most innovative technology in hop processing. Cryo Hops product is designed with breweries in mind, enhancing hop flavour and aroma, process efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

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