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Recipe: 23l Hobgoblin Gold *trial run*

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
23l Hobgoblin Gold *trial run*34 SPECIALTY BEERMyKit001525


QuantityUnit Product
3720gMaris Otter
410gTorrified Wheat
55gCitra Pellets
37gNelson Sauvin Pellets
10gSummit Pellets

Other Information

Notesrecipe calls for 9g summit.
9g of pilgrim hops also required.

Mash In 65.0 C 90 min

Yeast WLP007 (65C mash) (or maybe Nottingham for a dry yeast which would probably do 81% at a warmer 66C mash)
Qty. Ingredients5
Weight Malt g4130
Weight Hops g102
Total Weight Kg4.232
Bitterness EBU36
Colour EBC6
Efficiency (%)75
Boil Time (min)75
Mash Temp (C)66.0
Vol. End Boil (L)23.00
Date Last Updated19/09/16
Recipe Author:MrSpoon


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