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Recipe: Alice Porter (DIY DOG)

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
Alice Porter (DIY DOG)13 BROWN BRITISH BEERMyKit002056


QuantityUnit Product
2630gCrisp Pale Ale Malt
380gCrystal Malt
310gDingemans Special B
880gWeyermann Munich Malt I
440gWeyermann Carafa Special Type 1
310gTorrified Wheat
1100gFirst Gold
1100gSorachi Ace

Other Information

NotesTaken from DIY dog PDF. Note that sorachi ace 100g is not the specified amount in the recipe. I am using this hop for another recipe. BE AWARE OF THIS!!!
Also, the SAME for First Gold!
Qty. Ingredients9
Weight Malt g4950
Weight Hops g205
Total Weight Kg5.155
Date Last Updated23/11/16
Recipe Author:Morris Otter


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