Recipe: Cloudwater IIPA Centennial

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
Cloudwater IIPA Centennial21 IPA


QuantityUnit Product
350gMalted Flaked Oats
350gPale Wheat Malt
5000gGolden Promise Pale Ale Malt
92gSimcoe Pellets
253gAmarillo Pellets
322gCentennial Pellets

Other Information

NotesWater treatment: 1:1 Calcium sulphate: Calcium Chloride (approx 200ppm) Lactic acid - 0.075ml/l Add aroma hops (Centennial in hop stand) when wort has reached 80C and allow to stand for 20 minutes Add dry hops in two stages - 1st half (7 days) the 2nd 8d
Qty. Ingredients6
Weight Malt g5700
Weight Hops g667
Total Weight Kg6.367
Brew Length (L)23.00
Bitterness EBU44
Efficiency (%)80
Boil Time (min)75
Fermentation Temp. (C)16.0
Mash Temp (C)75.0
Date Last Updated21/07/17
Recipe Author:Rakey

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