Recipe: Cloudwater DIPA v3 Clone (GF)

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
Cloudwater DIPA v3 Clone (GF)21 IPAMyKit004471


QuantityUnit Product
6500gGolden Promise Pale Ale Malt
55gChinook Pellets
272gCitra Pellets
55gComet Pellets
55gMosaic Pellets

Other Information

NotesGrainfather Recipe/Quantities
22L Mash 5.5L Sparge

pitched at 16ºC, allowed to rise to 18.5ºC
allowed to rise to 22ºC once wort below 1030º for diacetyl rest.

Conditioned at 12ºC for 7 days
yeast dropped once 12ºC attained (transfer)
Qty. Ingredients5
Weight Malt g6500
Weight Hops g437
Total Weight Kg6.937
Brew Length (L)17.00
Bitterness EBU137
Efficiency (%)70
Boil Time (min)60
Fermentation Temp. (C)16.0
Mash Temp (C)65.5
Vol. Mash Liquor (L)22.00
Date Last Updated19/07/17
Recipe Author:Stuart_A

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