Recipe: cocoa psycho clone

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
cocoa psycho clone16 DARK BRITISH BEERMyKit004579


QuantityUnit Product
1000gPale Wheat Malt
6880gMuntons Pale Malt - PROPINO
130gDark Crystal Malt
1250gBlack Malt
1500gRoasted Barley
500gWeyermann Rauch Malt
100gCascade Pellets

Other Information

Notesmash 75 mins at 65c
75g hops at 60mins
25g hops at 30mins
Coffee Beans 25g End
Cocoa Nibs 25g End
coffee beans and cocoa nibs in a
hop sock and dip in wort like a tea
Cocoa Nibs 25g coffee beans 25g oak chips 15g secondary
Wyeast 1272 II
Qty. Ingredients7
Weight Malt g11260
Weight Hops g100
Total Weight Kg11.360
Bitterness EBU85
Fermentation Temp. (C)21.0
Vol. Start Boil (L)25.00
Vol. End Boil (L)20.00
Date Last Updated30/07/17
Recipe Author:mike blundred

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