Recipe: Clansman Ale

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
Clansman Ale14 SCOTTISH ALEMyKit005175


QuantityUnit Product
1875gMaris Otter
150gDark Crystal Malt
25gRoasted Barley
13gEast Kent Goldings Pellets

Other Information

Notes5L version of James Morton's recipe from his book, 'Brew.'
Requires 5g crushed coriander 5 mins before end of boil, and Edinburgh ale yeast is recommended.
Qty. Ingredients4
Weight Malt g2050
Weight Hops g13
Total Weight Kg2.063
Bitterness EBU26
Colour EBC36
Boil Time (min)60
Fermentation Temp. (C)19.0
Mash Temp (C)66.5
Vol. Mash Liquor (L)6.00
Vol. End Boil (L)4.00
Date Last Updated18/09/17
Recipe Author:David Drysdale

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