Recipe: Coconut Shy PA (Griff variant)

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
Coconut Shy PA (Griff variant)18 PALE AMERICAN ALEMyKit005284


QuantityUnit Product
200gMalted Flaked Oats
4000gMaris Otter
500gCrystal Malt
25gCascade Pellets
60gMosaic Pellets

Other Information

Notes11.75l in mash at 66c for 1hr15.
Sparge at 75c - target 25l wort.
Columbus 60 mins,
Irish Moss 15 mins,
Chill to 80c
Add Cascade and 20g Mosaic
Dry hop with 250g toasted coconut and 40g Mosaic
Ferment with Safale US-05 yeast
Qty. Ingredients6
Weight Malt g4700
Weight Hops g101
Total Weight Kg4.801
Brew Length (L)75.00
Mash Temp (C)66.0
Vol. Mash Liquor (L)11.75
Vol. Start Boil (L)25.00
Vol. End Boil (L)23.00
Date Last Updated26/09/17
Recipe Author:valdidshaw

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