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Recipe: (5am saint (DIY dog)) without NS hops

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
(5am saint (DIY dog)) without NS hops19 AMBER AND BROWN AMERICAN BEERMyKit005431


QuantityUnit Product
2944gMaris Otter
725gMunich Malt
437gCrystal Malt
150gDark Crystal Malt
29gSimcoe Pellets
29gAhtanum Pellets
46gAmarillo Pellets
60gCascade Pellets
58gCentennial Pellets

Other Information

Qty. Ingredients10
Weight Malt g5268
Weight Hops g222
Total Weight Kg5.490
Date Last Updated09/10/17
Recipe Author:5am saint (DIY dog)


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