Recipe: Christmas Porter

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
Christmas Porter20 AMERICAN PORTER AND STOUTMyKit005763


QuantityUnit Product
100gMalted Flaked Oats
75gPale Chocolate Malt
75gChocolate Malt
250gWeyermann Munich Malt II
100gWeyermann Cara Munich Type 3
250gWeyermann Carafa Special Type 3
55gCascade Pellets
25gChinook Pellets

Other Information

NotesAdd base malts to kit.
Cinnamon sticks, Vanilla and orange peel @ 15 min.
40g of cascade 60 min
The rest of the hops @ 10 min
Qty. Ingredients9
Weight Malt g1100
Weight Hops g80
Total Weight Kg1.180
Date Last Updated01/11/17
Recipe Author:Richard Kay

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