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Recipe: 'The Bollocks' Best

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
'The Bollocks' Best11 BRITISHMyKit000701


QuantityUnit Product
4000gMaris Otter
250gCaraGold Malt
250gPale Chocolate Malt
45gEast Kent Goldings Pellets
45gFuggles Pellets

Other Information

NotesUse safe ale us-04.Mash rest at 50 for 5, 60 for 5 and 66 for 50. Hops Target in at 60, 15 g of Fuggles and the same of the East Kent at 20. 1/2 tsp of Protofloc at 10. 30 g of bothe above at 5. Rest wort for 15 before chill and transfer.
Qty. Ingredients6
Weight Malt g4500
Weight Hops g110
Total Weight Kg4.610
Bitterness EBU26
Colour EBC24
Efficiency (%)75
Boil Time (min)60
Fermentation Temp. (C)19.0
Mash Temp (C)66.0
Vol. Mash Liquor (L)16.00
Vol. Start Boil (L)28.00
Vol. End Boil (L)23.00
Date Last Updated02/05/16
Recipe Author:The Hop Nerd


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