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Recipe: American Pale Ale 2

Recipe NameBJCP CategoryKit Ref.
American Pale Ale 218 PALE AMERICAN ALEMyKit000754


QuantityUnit Product
4500gCrisp Pale Ale Malt
700gMunich Malt
200gPale Crystal Malt
150gWeyermann Carapils®
50gAmarillo Pellets
100gMosaic Pellets
100gNZ WAI-ITI Pellets

Other Information

Notes10g Mosaic & 10g Amarillo @ 15
10g Mosaic & 10g Amarillo @ 5
50g Wai-iti, 40g Mosaic & 30g Amarillo @ 0
50g Wai-iti, 40g Mosaic Dry Hop
Qty. Ingredients7
Weight Malt g5550
Weight Hops g250
Total Weight Kg5.800
Brew Length (L)23.00
Bitterness EBU33
Colour EBC12
Efficiency (%)68
Boil Time (min)60
Fermentation Temp. (C)18.0
Mash Temp (C)66.7
Vol. Mash Liquor (L)23.50
Vol. Start Boil (L)27.62
Vol. End Boil (L)24.50
Date Last Updated15/05/16
Recipe Author:LuSamski


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