First Time Home Brewer - Beer Kit Equipment Packs

You’re looking to help someone start home brewing? Well you’re in the right place.

It’s really easy to brew at home, most people will start with what is called a Beer Kit or an Extract Kit. The benefit of starting with this method is that you can start with minimal equipment, it takes only a small amount of time to brew a beer kit, and the equipment investment is minimal compared to the savings that can be made by brewing for yourself.

There is a wide range of beer styles in the modern beer kit market and the quality of beer you can brew is better than it’s ever been with the modern kit ranges from numerous brands and breweries. The main ingredient that you get with a Beer Kit is what is known as malt extract. This is a concentrated malt syrup that you just add water to and then ferment it with the yeast included. Some the entry level kits will say to add an additional pack of extract or sugar, but the more premium kit will come fully complete and some even include additional hops.

We have a number of different equipment starter kits available, something for all budgets, and the bonus is that all of the equipment you invest in will be useable if you progress and decide to step into the world of all grain brewing.

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