Gifts For Starting All Grain Brewing

So you want to help some start all grain brewing, well you’ve come to the right place.

Here we have a selection of products that would make the ideal first step into all grain brewing.

Brewing using grain gives you lots of chances to brew exactly the beer you want to be drinking, you can create your own recipes or even brew some of ours.

There are different levels anyone can start brewing with grain like the professionals do.

Stove Top Brewing – this is a great entry point, small size equipment that is easy to store, small batches to ferment and drink. These are all produced easily in your kitchen.

BIAB – thats Brew In A Bag, either using a kettle/pot again on your cooker in the kitchen, or you could get a kettle with an electric element and brew in a shed, garage or even in the garden.

All in One Brewing – these are electric all in one vessels that are designed specifically for home brewing and a great product if you want to be able to brew with ease and then pack it all away when done.

If you need some help choosing what method is best for you or the brewer you are buying for don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone or email, our team are only too happy to help guide you so you can buy the right product to suit your needs or budget.

Check Out Our YouTube Videos on how to start brewing

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