Glasshouse Beer Co Ltd

In October 2016, GlassHouse spawned from mom’s greenhouse in the back garden, Kings Heath. Josh and his cousin Calum began brewing on a half barrel kit, releasing small batch beers locally, and quickly gained notoriety in Birmingham.

After some key local events in 2017, the brewery had already outgrown capacity in under a year so, in May 2018, GlassHouse moved into a new 2500 sq ft unit in Stirchley and awaited the delivery of a new 10bbl brewery. After inevitable delays, brewing commenced in September 2019.

A year and a half of keg releases and festival appearances later, an uptick in national demand meant GlassHouse needed to grow once again. In March 2020, the arrival of 3x 20HL unitanks opened the door to canning. Buzzin’!

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