All Grain Recipe Kits

We have over 300 All Grain Beer Recipe Kits, made fresh to order using professional quality and well stored ingredients.

Styles to suit every beer lover with easy instructions. Recipes from professional breweries, recipes from the guys at the Craft Beer Channel, as well as some of our own creations.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel if you want to see some of them being brewed and tasted.

All milled fresh to your specification, malts weighed to the gram and combined into one kit, hop pellets packed to recipe weights and packed by variety. Customers who choose uncrushed recipes will received their malts in separate bags to aid milling at home.

We recommend using these kits as fresh as possible to get the best results and to maximise on them being made fresh for your order, but most of the ingredients will store safely for 12 months (excluding yeast) if you want to plan your brews ahead of time.

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