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  • LALLEMAND Belle Saison – Belgian Saison-Style Yeast 11g


    Belle Saison is a Belgian-style ale yeast selected specifically for its ability to create Saison-style beers

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  • LALBREW FARMHOUSE™ – Dried Yeast 11g


    LalBrew Farmhouse™ is a non-diastatic hybrid that has been selected to make saison-style and farmhouse style beers.

  • Burning Sky Saison Houblon

    Burning Sky – Saison Houblon – BB: 03/09/2024


    This crisp modern Saison is loaded with beautiful noble hop varieties for enlightened refreshment and maximum...

  • Burning Sky Saison Provision All Grain Recipe Kit

    Saison Provision Recipe Kit – Burning Sky – 30ltr

    From: £25.83

    Mixed ferm farmhouse beer, fermented with saison yeast, and with a blend of Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces whilst...

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  • OMEGA Yeast – OYL-026 – French Saison – BB: 14/09/2024


    This citrusy,...

  • Burning Sky and Jester King Mixed Ferm beer

    Burning Sky – For Lost Friends – BB: 14/12/2032


    For Lost Friends is a unique collaboration between Burning Sky and Jester King. Aged in oak barrels and steel on whole...

  • Burning Sky – Saison Provision 2023 – BB: 11/07/2033


    Tavern strength farmhouse beer is first fermented with Saison yeast and then with a blend of Lactobacillus and...

  • Burning Sky Wild Rose Saison

    Burning Sky – Wild Rose Saison – BB: 06/12/2032


    Wild rose hips were added to the copper with select spices and noble hops. A lengthy fermentation in fresh red wine...

  • Burning Sky Plum Provision

    Burning Sky – Plum Provision – BB: 29/06/2032


    Mixed fermentation saison is a light and easy drinking small beer. Barrel aged for a few months, this delicate beer was...

  • Escarpment Saison Maison BB:


    This is a non-diastatic yeast isolated from a Belgian Saison. This is quite unique in the saison yeast world, as most...

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  • Escarpment Fruit Bomb Saison Blend BB:


    This wild Ontario ale yeast was isolated from an apple in a local orchard. Wild Thing produces distinct clove, spice,...

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  • Escarpment Spooky Saison BB:


    A saison strain a little different from the rest. Produces a beer with balanced saison characteristics. Apparitions of...

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  • Elusive – Lord Nelson


    All grain recipe kit for brewing Elusive Brewing - Lord Nelson A clean and refreshing Saison with notes of...

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  • Dupont Saison Clone


    A saison modelled on the classic Dupont Saison. This beer shows fruity esters with floral grassy notes, very typical of...

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  • Thirst Class Ale – Farmhouse In Your Soul


    A Belgian style farmhouse saison beer.

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  • Saison – Jon Finch


    This recipe is taken from the book Beer Craft by Jon Finch. Saison refers to a wide collection of beers which are...

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  • Saison

    Table Saison

    A belter of a summer session smasher. Dry crisp, lightly spiced thanks to the yeast, but just really drinkable.

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  • Saison Mini Mash Kit


    Saison is a pale ale historically referred to as a farmhouse beer, the yeast if what adds to the flavour of this beer...

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    Saison Sally


    This is a Community Recipe created by kyle-montague (Community Recipes are recipes that have been created by our...

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