3 Vessel 20 Gal Electric Brewery (Copy)

Designed to brew 55 litre batches this brewery replicates bigger commercial breweries using three high quality Ss Brewtech kettles. Utilising two class leading RipTide™ pumps has the advantage of offering the user options of continuous ( fly ) sparge or batch sparge.

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20 ( US ) Gallon ( 60 ) litre electric brewery using Ss Brewtech kettles, Swift Brew controllers and Blichmann Riptide pumps.

Designed to brew 55 litre batches this brewery replicates bigger commercial breweries using two high quality Ss Brewtech 20 Gal kettles and 1 x 15 gal with false bottom and mash recirc manifold. Utilising two class leading RipTide™ pumps has the advantage of offering the user options of continuous ( fly ) sparge or batch sparge.

Everything is included except the brew stand which can be purchased elsewhere, details below. Each system is made to order with a 2 week lead time.

Ss brewtech 20 Gal Hot Liquor Tun ( HLT )

This is heated via a 3kw tri clamp stainless steel element. Being fitted into the vessel with a tri clamp means it can be taken out and cleaned very easily. It is controlled via Swiftbrew PID, set the desired temperature on the control unit and as soon as the temperature is reached it will be maintained for as long as required. Temperature is measured via a probe with is placed into the thermowell. The valve is then connected to a RipTide™ pump via cam locks and silicone tubing. Whist heating the pump can be used via the liquor return port to keep the contents stored giving even heat distribution.

Ss Brewtech 15 Gal Mash Tun

Featuring a perforated stainless steel false bottom made by Ss Brewtech with liquor return port allowing mash recirculation during the complete or part of the mash process. Temperatures can be monitored using the analogue temperature gauge. At the end of the mash the vessel can be drained to the kettle using the second RipTide™ pump whilst sparging the grain using the liquor return port and the first RipTide™ pump.

Ss Brewtech 20 Gal Boil Kettle.

A rapidly achieved and strong boil is very desirable in a boil kettle and this is enabled by a 6kw tri clamp stainless steel element. This is powered via a Swiftbrew controller. Think of it as a volume control for the element allowing full power whilst getting too boil then turned down to allow a constant rolling boil. At the end of boil the whirlpool can be used via the second RipTide™ pump then the wort can be cooled using the 125kw stainless steel plate chiller. As with the rest of the system this is connected using stainless steel cam locks and silicone tubing. For the cold water side of the chiller it is supplied with Hozelock style connectors making the use of a hosepipe very easy

3KW PID Controller

This plugs into the 3kw element and is supplied with a ”K Type” thermocouple that sits within the thermowell. Simply dial the required temperature into the PID and the liquor will be heated to that temperature

3KW Heating Element

Stainless steel construction, first the bulkhead is fitted into the HLT the element is the easily put into place using the supplied tri clamp fitting. It is equally easily removed for cleaning.

RipTide™ Pump

The ultimate home brew pump, features bleed valve, tri-clamp head for easy cleaning and integral linear flow valve. These feature make the pump so easy to use.

6KW Electric Element and and Pump Control.

Use the rotary control knob to increase or decrease the intensity of power provided to the element. Turn full on whilst wort is reaching boiling point then dial in enough power to keep a rolling boil. It can then be turned up when making additions such as late hops or sugar. This unit also turns both RipTide™ pumps on  / off

6KW Tri Clamp Element

Of stainless construction, sits within a weldless bulkhead installed with the vessel. Just as with the 3KW version fitting and removal is simple with a tri clamp. This is especially important in the boil kettle where proteins build up on the element.

125KW Stainless Steel plate chiller

Set up with cam locks on the wort side and Hozelock style fittings on the water side making set up very easy using your garden hose. Drop the wort from the kettle through the chiller then to the RipTide™ pump to push to your fermenter.

Complete parts list:-

2 x Ss Brewtech 20 Gal Kettles

1 x Ss Brewtech 15 Gal Kettle

1 x 3kw Element Fitted

1 x Swiftbrew PID Controller

1 x Stainless Steel Thermowell

Whirlpool Fitting x 3

1 x Ss Brewtech False Bottom

Manifold for mash recirc

2 x Blichmann™RipTide™ Pumps

1 x Ss Brewtech Temperature Gauge

1 x 6kw Element Fitted

1 x Swiftbrew 6kw Element and Pump Controller

1 x 125KW Plate Chiller

10m Silicone Tubing

Stainless Steel Cam locks for every Fitting

Electrical Requirement:-

32 amp switched commando socket for the Swiftbrew 6kw element controller

Standard 13 amp domestic socket for the 3kw PID controller.

Both elements will need to be wired by a professional electrician.

Stainless steel table is not supplied but can be purchased separately from Nisbits or ebay.

All stainless threaded fittings such as cam locks and valves will need to attached by the customer and using PTFE tape.

The HLT and boil kettle will be supplied with the bulkhead for the element fitted and leak tested.

Instructions for the PID and 6KW boil controller are included.

Buyers are expected to have some knowledge of brewing practise, this is not a novice brewing system.

Additional information

Weight 95 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 7310291000


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