3L Oak Barrel

Hand crafted oak barrel for aging wines, distillates, beer at home. Perfect for the home brewer or lover of oak aged spirits or wines.

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Handmade crafted 3 litres Oak Barrel.

Finished with four galvanised steel hoops and is complete with a wooden stand and bung.

These hand made oak barrels are beautifully made using traditional methods by Coopers from European Oak. Unused virgin oak barrels are perfect ageing any number of drinks from spirits, to cocktails to beer.

We have a range of sizes to make them high useable for various batch sizes or volumes of drinks:

3 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, and 30 litre

You could choose to take a neutral spirit and age in to add depth of flavour to your drinks. Fill it with a wine kit that you have brewed to add more character. Or why not barrel age that imperial stout in a barrel to add more roasty notes.

Why not create a batch of your favourite cocktail and age that in there and then dispense into the glass from the barrel, image a barrel aged old fashioned or barrel aged negroni.

They can also be used for wild fermentation or have you considered having a sour solera on the go in your brewery? The options are limitless in terms of how you could use one of these at home with this range of sizes now available.

The oak of Quercus (Sessiliflora) is used for the barrels. European oak with fine structure of centuries-old forests and dried 24 to 36 months under natural conditions.

Clutches and enzymes formed on and in the tree during drying neutralize bitter phenols in the wood. At the same time, glucose and polysaccharides are released from the tree. The process takes at least 18 months.

Natural Drying and Seasoning – Oak Naturally dried 28 to 36months.

Natural dehydration is one of the basic and of paramount importance stages, defining the quality of the material used to manufacture barrels, because it radically changes the chemical and physical properties of the wooden elements – the staves. In their raw state they are extremely rich in tannin and flavors. After a natural dehydration, through exposure to the elements for a period of 28 to 36 months, the future staves are purged of undesirable odors and harsher tannins and the flavor of the barrel reaches maturity and softness.

Toasting process

The Oak impact on the wine maturing is determined by 3 main factors:

  • Oak species
  • Drying and seasoning
  • Method and rate of toasting during the making of the barrel

Of these factors, the greatest influence on the change oak nature plays the burning process. Thus it becomes the most important factor affecting the flavors of the wine.

The traditional method of toasting is related to using open fire from wood logs. During the toasting, when the barrel is heated to a certain temperature, different flavours are formed as the heat penetrating the staves, releases components located at various depths in the wood. The surface temperature of the boards, the timing, and the degree of toasting are influenced by the duration of the seasoning.

Studies confirm that the tannins are most sensitive to heat and easily broken. With further increase in temperature, the sugars contained in the timber start to caramelize, thus transforming the flavor of the oak tree into a sweet aroma of spices. Then the lignin decomposes, which results in the vanila flavour. The so called “smoky” flavours are achieved at higher temperatures and higher degrees of toasting.

The stage of toasting is crucial in the barrel manufacturing. This stage modifies the physical and chemical composition and the structure of the wood. We control everything during this process: colour, flavor, temperature, duration, flame intensity, which guarantees the results our clients need- a high quality barrel.

Our Barrels are unique and have an explicit character. Their style wins recognition for the combination of the wine and the oak nobleness. Our range of barrels will answer each of your needs in terms of quality and price.

Each Oak barrel has one hole on the top for filling, and a hole on the face to fit a spigot for dispensing.

Each barrel comes supplied with the following included:

  • Wooden Stand
  • Wood Spigot (tap)
  • Wood Tap (bung for sealing top)

There are many different ways to use and ensure you get the most from your barrel. Its vital that you have some understanding of the use of wood to maximise the investment. Using it in a rotational system will ensure you get the most from this product across a variety of different liquids. There should also be some willingness to experiment, that is one of the joys of using such a traditional vessel to impart unknown levels of flavour on your drinks. Even within the world of professional distillers and brewers there is a percentage that does not always turn out the way expect when leaving drinks to age in wood.

Introduction for use of new barrels


For the first fill of the barrel, please proceed as follows:

  • Please fill the barrel with cold und clean water and allowing it to stand for approx. 24-48 hours before using.
  • If after that time there are no visible leaks, the wood has been swollen up, empty the water out and it is ready to fill with your wine or distillates.
  • The spigot is included for for dispensing liquid from your barrel. Please do not strike the spigot into the barrel with a hammer or similar items, this would cause cracks and it becomes useless.

Please note:

There is nothing abnormal about an initial leakage of the barrel and there is no reason to be concerned. Wood is a natural material and will be swollen up during storage of wine or distillates.

Each barrel is a hand crafted item made from natural materials, so each product will vary and slight marks and blemishes should be expected due to the natural of material and processes for making the barrel.

The Malt Miller logo is burnt into the surface of the wood, this process is a hand crafting process so as above this can and does vary from barrel to barrel, this individuality adds to the charm and uniqueness of the barrel.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Country of Origin BG
HS Code 4416000000


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