A Splash Of BRUT IPA

All grain recipe kit for brewing A Splash Of BRUT IPA


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A Splash Of BRUT IPA

This kit brews 23ltrs of a BRUT IPA, a new style of IPA which originates from San Francisco. Named BRUT IPA due to the dryness of the style of beer which people have described as similar to BRUT Champagne (not like the aftershave sorry) with its clean dry crisp finish, light thin body, and fresh stone fruit flavours. This is a hugely smashable thirst quencher for those warm days, as well as a great palette fresher.



Crisp Flaked Maize

Simpsons Malts Extra Pale Malt


Mash temp 65c for 60 minutes

Mash Out temp 75c for 10 minutes

Boil Time of 60 minutes

Use additions to aid this beer to be clear such as Irish Moss (not included)


Hop Schedule:

Whirlpool/Hop stand – decrease temp to 80 degrees add 40g of Nelson Sauvin for 20 minutes

Day 2 – add 15ml of  NBS Amyloglucosidase 300 Enzyme

Dry hop day 7 – 60g Nelson Sauvin


Recommend using NBS West Coast Yeast or Imperial A07 Flagship (not included)

Ferment according to yeast instructions at temp of 18-22 degrees, recommend taking time and allowing full attenuation of this beer. Then cold crashing at the end to achieve clear beer.

OG: 1.056

FG: 1.000

EBC: 6.5

IBU: 20.9

ABV: 7.4%


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