Bourbon Oak Barrel Stave

Bourbon Oak Barrel Stave


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The Bourbon cask was freshly emptied before sent to us for use in flavouring.

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The Bourbon cask was freshly emptied before sent to us for use in flavouring or smoking food. We remove the barrel rings, separate the staves, and cut them into two or three pieces, and seal them in a bag to make them easier to package and ship to you.

You can then use these at home for oak ageing beers, spirits, wines, or even for smoking food without the need to purchase a whole barrel.

Use to flavour beer by adding after fermentation, the length of time to be determined by the brewer, regular evaluating is advised. After being used in your beer, dry, then use to smoke your favourite meat or fish.

Sold per stave. Staves can and do vary in width due to the nature of barrel cooperage being a very hand crafting process and all barrels and staves being individually made.


We would recommend that before adding to beer/liquid that you clean the surface of the staves by sanding the inside and outside, and possibly discarding the top and bottom section which was holding the lid, but this is totally up to you and dependent on your planned use. Wood can contain wild bugs and yeasts so also please give this consideration before adding to beer/liquid, you may wish to encourage this or clean/sanitise to prevent this effect on your beer/liquid.



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