Brew With Us Vienna Lager – 23 litre

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The Malt Miller designed and brewed this Vienna lager and now you have the chance to replicate with this all grain recipe kit. See the accompanying video in our YouTube Channel

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FaNMax Yeast Nutrient 28g

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As part of our new series of “Brew With Us” videos where you can buy the recipe we brew, make it yourself and then share your thoughts on the finished beer!


This kit is a Pseudo Vienna lager, meaning you can ferment at high temp to get a lager faster than normal whilst still having a really clean crisp beer. This is achieved by using Lutra from Omega Yeast, which is an awesome Kveik strain that allows you to brew super clean beer in super quick time. Check out the video


Ingredients Included

Simpsons Vienna Malt (3500 grams)
Simpsons Finest Lager Malt (1700 grams)

Lupomax Saaz Pellets 100g
OMEGA Yeast – OYL-071DRY – LUTRA Dried KVEIK 11g (1 packs)
WLN2000 FANMax Bio Yeast Nutrient 28g (1 packs) Optional


Beer Style (main): European Lagers
Beer Style (sub): Vienna-Style Lager
Batch Size: 23
Original Gravity: 1049
Final Gravity: 1010
ABV %: 5.4
IBU: 20

Temperature °C: 66
Length (mins): 50
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

Saaz Lupomax 24g 60 minutes
Saaz Lupomax 21g 10 minutes hop stand @80c

Secondary additions and timing:

Add Fanmax and protofloc @ 10 minutes before end of boil

Yeast: LUTRA KVEIK Dry Yeast x 1
Fermentation temperature/steps: 32c 5 days, 16c 3 days, cold crash till packaging


Download the Grainfather recipe here

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FaNMax Yeast Nutrient 28g

Weight .120 kg

1 review for Brew With Us Vienna Lager – 23 litre

  1. Janz (verified owner)

    I brewed this in the Fermzilla on the 31st of October. Pitched the Kveik yeast at 26C (I chilled too quickly) and let it rise to 30C with a heat belt. It reached 1.007 after 2 days. Typical Kveik yeast!

    Cold crashed on day 5 with 5 grams of gelatine in 300ml of water to help clear it. It worked wonders.

    Kegged 19L of it on day 6, and bottled the rest of the batch. It was already tasting amazing on day 7 in the keg.

    It’s been conditioning now for about 2 weeks and the flavour of the malt is really starting to come through.

    I’ve served this beer to non craft beer drinkers who loved it!

    This is a very good recipe which I will definitely brew again. I will try to not touch the keg for the first two weeks 🙂

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