Callista Lupulin Enriched T45 Pellets 100g

8.8% alpha acid

With Lupulin Enriched Hop Pellets, the hop bitter acids and hop oils are concentrated by the mechanical enrichment of lupulin.

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Lupulin Enriched Hop Pellets (Type 45 Pellets)

Lupulin Enriched Hop Pellets are a hop product added to the kettle to provide bitterness and a hop character that is indistinguishable from that achieved using raw hops. With Lupulin Enriched Hop Pellets, the hop bitter acids and hop oils are concentrated by the mechanical enrichment of lupulin. They provide improved homogeneity, better storage stability and reduced storage/transport costs compared to raw hops. Supported by a long history of safe use in brewing

Lupulin Enriched T45 pellets are a highly concentrated product which is focused towards giving the brewer a higher dose of lupulin. To better explain the difference its good to understand how pellets are produced.
To produce hop pellets whole hops have the leaf and stem removed then are chopped into a fine powder and mixed to ensure a consistent batch. This powder is then push through a die, the pellet that comes out represents a more pure form of the whole hop.
The T90 begins as the pellet most similar to the results of the classic whole hop. Containing 90% of the original whole hop but with 10% less leaf and stem, they can be used just as the whole hop would and are therefore the perfect substitute for those not wanting to alter the flavour of their original recipes.
The T45 are T90 pellets that have been broken down at temperatures as low as -35 degrees and enriched by removing even more excess vegetive material. Once fully processed, you’re left with a lupulin rich mix with most of the hop material gone. This means that the certain aspects of the hops character is enhanced, providing stronger bitterness and aroma properties and therefore creating a subtle yet powerful change from the whole hop taste.

Callista Harvest 2019

These are a super enhanced pellet, ~T45 type.  Soft, bright green squidgy pellets.  Super fruity.

Pleasant hoppy note, intensively fruity, apricot, passion fruit, red berries



  • Hallertauer Tradition x Hüll male breeding line



Style Guide

Product Use:

For efficient provision of bitterness, the pellets should be added to the wort at the beginning or up to 15 minutes after the start of the boil. Utilisation of α-acids into beer depends on the boiling system and conditions and is normally in the range of 30% – 35%. Added late into the boil, utilisation of α-acids diminishes as the utilisation of the aroma improves giving a characteristic hop flavour in the beer. The quantity to be added is calculated using the α-acids content and the estimated utilisation. For aroma, the quantity to be added should preferably be calculated using the oil content of the product. Pellets can be dosed automatically.

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