Chocolate Malt - Pre-Weighed Crushed Malt

Chocolate Malt – Pre-Weighed Crushed Malt


EBC: 950

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Quality roasted malt for all grain brewing. Full, rich black coffee flavour and deep colour, ideal for home brewing porter, stout, and other dark beers.

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Top quality malt for home brewing from The Malt Miller

Great home brew begins with great quality ingredients, prepared with care. We’re proud to offer a full range of malts prepared to meet all your needs. All our malt is milled in house for maximum freshness, and crushed directly into our bags so you get one hundred percent of the grain.

  • Our pre-weighed malts are a great value option for the malts you use every time. Covering a core range of malts that every home brewer needs, we mill batches of each malt in the range ahead of time and pass the saving on to you. We produce small quantities at regular intervals to keep our stock fresh and ready for you to use!
  • Our full range of malts is also available for bespoke orders, with your choice of maltster and crush size (including uncrushed) from as little as 50g and in 50g increments. We mill and package your malts individually so you can be sure of ultimate freshness and quality.
  • You can also order malt through our Recipe Generator to get exact weights crushed to order, combined into single bags for extra convenience (uncrushed malts are bagged individually to help you mill at home).

EBC: 950

Our Chocolate Malt is an excellent roasted malt to add colour and flavour to your all grain brewing. Carefully roasted for a full, rich aroma of fresh coffee, this is an ideal malt for home brewing porter, stout, and other dark beers. Our range of pre-weighed malts are specially batch prepared to provide great value for your home brew with the same high quality you can trust.

Chocolate malt is a roasted malt and is recommended up to 10% of your grain bill. Named for its colour rather than its flavour, this malt will add deep ruby-toned colour and rich black coffee flavours to your recipes. Try a very small quantity in traditional best bitter to adjust colour, or larger quantities in porter and stout for the characteristic flavours of those styles. Roasted malts are more astringent than other malts, so if this is coming through too much in your recipe, try adding to the end of the mash before sparging to get the full colour with lower astringency. You can also cold steep this malt to extract a smoother flavour, like cold brew coffee, that’s great for black IPA. Add the cold steeping liquor to your boil with 10 minutes remaining.

You can learn more about the different types of malt and how to use them on our free BREW WITH US ESSENTIALS course.

We’re obsessed with milling malt! The sweet spot of milling is different for each individual type of malt and even different harvests. We continuously calibrate and adjust our mills to dial in the perfect proportion of kernel, flour, and husk for every malt in every bag we prepare.

Visit The Malt Miller YouTube channel to learn more about milling as well as loads of other great guides, tips, reviews, and general home brew awesomeness!

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HS Code 1107200000


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