CMB Flow Control Faucet Complete with Shank

304 Stainless flow control tap includes shank and creamer function

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This 304 stainless steel flow control tap is made by CMB Schankanlagen of Germany. This is a very high quality commercial grade product and includes the 50mm shank and John Guest fitting allowing the use of 3/8 beer line.

The flow control adjuster located on the side of the tap ( faucet ) means that various different beverages can be served without the need to change the beer tubing lengths.

It also has a creamer function, to create foam on the top of your pour simply push the tap handle back at the end of your pour for that perfect head.

The shank is long enough to enable fitting through a fridge door to make a kegerator. Some fridges may require some of the inside plastic cutting away to allow clearance

CMB Flow Control


Due to the shank being integral with this tap it is not possible to use it with other shanks or to fit this tap to a tower.

Not compatible with Tapcooler Bottle Filler due to not being a forward sealing tap.

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