CO2 Hop Extract 15ml

CO2 Hop Extract 15ml


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CO2 hop extract

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CO2 hop extract is now widely used in commercial “CRAFT” breweries as it has many advantages over tradition hop usage. In most cases it is not used for economics but for an improved “cleaner” final product. Large amounts a vegetal matter in the boil can cause brassica type flavours, which are most unwanted.

This product is easy to dose using the 2ml syringe which is included. It is not pre-isomerised meaning that it does have to be boiled, our advice is to boil for an hour.

Concentration of Alpha Acids is 33%

Utilisation is 50%

For home brewing purposes treat 1ml of extract as 1g

This equates to 0.06 ml giving 10 IBUs in every 1 litre of beer

Use 4.5ml of extract in a 23 litre batch to give 35 IBUs when boiled for an hour.

To dispense from glass bottle. With the lid sealed carefully submerge bottle in a cup of water at 60c. Leave to stand for 5 minutes then shake. Leave for a further 2 minutes before a final shake. The product will now be ready to dose using the 2ml syringe supplied.

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