Complete Stainless Steel Three Tap Tower

Three Nukatap Stainless Steel Tap Tower

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Polished stainless steel three tap tower ready to dispense. The tower ships with shanks and lines in place, this is actually quite fiddly to do, so we fix here, in house. All that is needed for set up is add the faucet to the shanks using the supplied font spanner and connect the kegs, it is really easy.

Ships with:-

1 x 3 Tap polished stainless steel tap tower with polished stainless trim to cover the 4 screw / bolt holes used to secure the tower to the top of the fridge or countertop. 4 bolts are supplied but it is likely that self tapping screws will be the better option for most applications.

3 x Nukatap stainless steel Faucets with slender tap handle

3 x stainless steel short shanks with chrome plated trim.

2m 3/16 beer line installed on each shank. This can be trimmed down depending on carbonation and temperature of product dispensed.

1m 3/8 beer line for each shank. This connects to the keg ( s ) and the 3/16 beer line.

6 x JG 3/16 to 3/8 adapters

1 x JG fitting and black keg disconnect for each shank.


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