Courage Best Clone - Mini Mash

Courage Best Clone – Mini Mash


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This is a Community Recipe created by nic-firth

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Crisp Dark Crystal Malt (230 grams)
Crisp Black Malt (40 grams)
Target Pellets (26 grams)
Celeia (Styrian Goldings) Pellets (6 grams)
NBS Ale Yeast 12g (1 packs)
Spray Dried Malt Extract – Light -1kg (2 packs)


Beer Style (main): British Ales
Beer Style (sub): Special Bitter or Best Bitter
Batch Size: 22
Original Gravity: 1.039
Final Gravity: 1.007
ABV %: 4.2
IBU: 27

Temperature °C: 66
Length (mins): 30
Out temp °C:
Out time (mins):

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

Bring 8L of water up to 67°C . Place the malt grains in a hop sock and soak them in the water for half an hour.

At the end of the half hour remove the hop sock full of grains from the water and bring it to the boil.

Place the 26g of Target hops in a hop sock and add them to the boiling water. Boil for an hour, to extract the bitterness from the hops, put the Celeia hops in a hop sock 10 minutes before the end of the boil.
At the end of the hour add the boiling water to a sanitised fermenter and gradually add the dry malt extract and 220g of brewing or table sugar (not included), stirring to dissolve it. Once the malt extract is dissolved thoroughly top up the fermentation bucket to 22L and stir vigorously to aerate the wort.

Secondary additions and timing:

Let the temperature of the wort cool to below 26°C before pitching the yeast.

Place the fermentation bucket somewhere where the temperature will be pretty stable around 18-20°C, leave it for 2 weeks then bottle.

Yeast: NBS Ale
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18-20°C 2 weeks


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