Crisp Chevallier Heritage Malt

Chevallier Heritage Malt.

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EBC 6.7

Chevallier Heritage Malt has been bought back from the 1800’s by Crisp Malts and we are delighted to be able to supply to the homebrew market.

Much has been written about this malt including the following by Ron Pattinson from his Shut Up About Barclay Perkins blog

“Chevallier was first selected in 1820 by a Mr. Chevallier. It became incredibly popular and for a century was the most widely-grown type of malting barley. Its demise was brought about by the work of Beavan, amongst others, in breeding new crosses. With their improved yield per acre, these quickly supplanted Chevallier. But even when it was in decline, Chevallier was loved by brewers ‚Äì much like Maris Otter today ‚Äì and beers brewed using it continued to win prizes.”

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