Elusive Brewing – Crisp Witty Belgian-Style Wit 5% 440ml

5.0% Belgian Wit

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The second brew in our 5th Birthday series saw us team up with home brewing legends The Malt Miller and we launched a huge home brewing competition alongside this beer. Crisp Witty is a Belgian-style Wit with additions of ginger, chamomile, orange peel and crushed coriander seeds.

Expect a hazy pale beer with a gentle herbal and citrus character from a combination of the spice and fruit additions and the classic Belgian Wit yeast we used in a slow fermentation.

You could say we’re a little bit biased about this beer, but for us Belgian Wit is one of those styles of beer which is often overlooked, we brew Belgian Wit through out the year. Its a great beer that is perfect all weather and that you can play around with and adjust the recipe and style to offer something different every time.

As well as being able to buy the beer, you can also brew the beer and grab the all grain recipe kit for this from us.

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