Elusive Brewing – Nexus Imperial Stout – Tonka & Vanilla Edition

Imperial Stout Tonka & Vanilla Edition 10%

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A nexus is defined as being a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. With this beer we take the same base Imperial Stout recipe and use it to create different beers. Share them with friends and reconnect! Nexus Tonka & Vanilla Edition has been infused with freshly processed whole tonka beans and Madagascan vanilla pods and extract. Smooth yet intense tonka and vanilla bursts through in abundance!

Elusive Brewing

Elusive Brewing creates beer with one eye on tradition and the other on taking things to the next level. Founded by a home brewer who went on to win awards at national level, from our small brewery in Finchampstead, Berkshire.

Owned and run by Andy Parker (the nicest man in beer), award winning home brewer who went professional and opened his own brewery. If you’re home brewer then you’ll know just how much support Andy gives back to the home brew community with his excellent book published by CAMRA and the amount of his own time he gives up to talk to home brewing groups and from the way he will happily share his recipes for home brewers to brew at home. But as well as this he is an extremely talented brewer who is putting out many beers that we just love so much that we had to make them part of our range available on The Malt Miller.

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