Festival World Beer Kits – American IPA – Gluten Free

Festival Beer Kits pay homage to some of the most classic beer styles and recipes in a range of different kits. With simply to follow instructions these kits allow you to easily produce your own beer at home.

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This Gluten Free Pale IPA is medium bodied with fruity malt and hop flavours with a lingering dry finish. See – Pale amber with a white head Aroma – Complex hop aroma of citrus, grapefruit and berry fruits with herbal, spicy notes, over the top of a biscuity malt base.

Taste – Medium bodied with fruity malt and hop flavours, played off against a robust bitterness with a lingering dry finish. ABV 6%

Barley Malt Extract (GLUTEN FREE)
Invert Sugar Syrup
Dried Hops
Genuine Brewer’s Yeast Strain
Hop Extract
Priming Sugar

Kit weight :-3.0kg
Makes:- 32 pints / 4.5 gallons
ABV Approx:- 6%
Fermentation time:-7 days approx
Conditioning time:-4 weeks
Fermentables required:- None Required
Priming Sugar: Included

Equipment Needed
You will require basic brewing equipment to make a beer kit


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 1901901900


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