FM10 Wind and the willows. BB: 19/12/2020

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classic english strain for bitters, rich flavor/taste profile, high esters levels

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Every vial of Fermentum Mobile’s liquid brewing yeast contains around 70-80 billion of pure yeast culture cells. The yeast are packed in sterile conditions, which provides the best quality of our product.

Fermentation : top

Temperature range : 18-22 deg. C

Attenuation : 73-80%

Floculation  : very low

Alcohol tolerance : approx. 9% ABV

Strain profile : classic english strain for bitters, rich flavor/taste profile, high esters levels

Strain recommended for beer styles : Standard Bitter, Special Bitter, Extra Special Bitter, Premium Bitter, Brown Porter, English Pale Ale

Strain profile similar to : WYEAST 1275 Thames Valley Ale™

Fermentum Mobile sp. z o.o. is biotechnology company working in brewing industry. Our main target is providing high-quality liquid yeast. We are in possession of our own brewing yeast bank, which serves as base to conduct effective propagations. Our modern laboratory facilities allow us to maintain high level of manufacturing standards. Our customers are, above all, home brewers and craft breweries.

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1 review for FM10 Wind and the willows. BB: 19/12/2020

  1. Richard Withers (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t even give it a single star, it was absolutely rubbish. It took about two weeks for it to drop a mild at 3.1% ABV to 2.0% ABV and even then it produced a horrible chlorophenol (TCP) smell and taste. In the end I poured in boiling water to try and get rid of it and added Mangrove Jacks and the brew finished fermenting in about two days. Couldn’t be more disappointed I though, until I tried their Bohemian Melody lager yeast!! Will never buy their products again!

    • Robert Neale

      Hi Richard,
      I think it may well be possible that this is not a yeast problem but possibly something in your process. TCP type flavours are caused either by infection or by some form of chlorine in either the water used or cleaning products. This type of infection can also cause fermentation issues. Pouring boiling water in unfortunately will not help at that stage. At The Malt Miller we are always open to a phone conversation if you are not 100% sure of how to use a product or process. If you would like to discuss further please contact and speak with Rob, Martin or Nic.

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