FM30 Bohemian melody

typical Bohemian style bottom fermentation strain


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Every vial of Fermentum Mobile’s liquid brewing yeast contains around 25-30 billion of pure yeast culture cells. The yeast are packed in sterile conditions, which provides the best quality of our product.

Fermentation : bottom

Temperature range : 8-12 deg. C

Attenuation : 73-77%

Floculation  : high

Alcohol tolerance : approx. 12% ABV

Strain profile : typical Bohemian style bottom fermentation strain

Strain recommended for beer styles : Bohemian Pils, Vienna Lager

Strain profile similar to : WYEAST 2124 Bohemian Lager™

Fermentum Mobile sp. z o.o. is biotechnology company working in brewing industry. Our main target is providing high-quality liquid yeast. We are in possession of our own brewing yeast bank, which serves as base to conduct effective propagations. Our modern laboratory facilities allow us to maintain high level of manufacturing standards. Our customers are, above all, home brewers and craft breweries.

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