Fruit Salad IPA

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This is a Community Recipe created by ian-downham

(Community Recipes are recipes that have been created by our customers who have then shared the recipe so that other customers can purchase them. Please ensure you read the Ingredients Included, and then the Method, as there might be ingredients which are not included and it is possible that the sharing customer has not checked both match or might not state what is not included.)

Ingredients Included

Crisp Maris Otter (3918 grams)
Crisp Crystal Malt (234 grams)
Crisp Munich Malt (117 grams)
Mandarina Bavaria Pellets (83 grams)
Hull Melon Pellets (212 grams)
Simcoe Pellets (33 grams)
Mangrove Jacks US West Coast Yeast M44 (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style Pale Ale
Batch Size: 25
Original Gravity: 1.040
Final Gravity: 1.007
ABV %: 4.2
IBU: 51.4

Temperature °C: 66.7
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C:
Out time (mins):

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

33g Simcoe – 60 mins
31g Mandarina Baveria – 15 mins
5g Irish Moss – 10 mins
26g Mandarina Baveria – 10 mins
28g Huell Melon – 5 mins
84g Huell Melon – 15 mins whirlpool
26g Mandarina Baveria – 15 mins whirlpool

Secondary additions and timing:

100g Huell Melon – dry hop 4 days

Yeast: Mangrove Jacks M44 – US West Coast
Fermentation temperature/steps: 21.1c


Additional information

Weight 7.562 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853

4 reviews for Fruit Salad IPA

  1. Adam Crowley (verified owner)

    I wish I’d followed my instincts about this recipe. The recipe summary indicates an IBU of 51.4 but the enormous hop bill suggests much higher. I put the recipe into Beersmith and it comes up with 103.3 IBUs! That’s pretty much double what the recipes states – is there a mistake in the quantities? I like a bitter ale but this is extreme and it hasn’t mellowed with age. The bitterness massively overpowers any fruitiness. Maybe I was carried away with the name of the recipe but I was hoping for some fruit and I think this combination of hops shows some promise but certainly not with these quantities!

  2. Ian Downham

    Weird that as I use Beersmeith as well and neither Rager or Tinseth come out above 71.5.
    Efficientcy is 73%.
    Recipe generator is LACKING IMHO that it DOESN’T take into account IBUs added at whirlpool/steep (16.7 in this case) as Beersmith does.
    Screen grab of Beersmith at

  3. Ian Downham

    Also we cannot control what is sent out Hop AA% wise……maybe it differed from the original and should have been taken into account?

  4. Adam Crowley (verified owner)

    Interesting. I did try to take AA% into account (the Simcoe and Mandarina hops I received had higher AA than your screen grab) but couldn’t get the estimated IBU anywhere close even to 71.5. I do notice though that your screen grab also has a kilo more Pale malt than the recipe purchased, which lowers the IBU somewhat. Also, in Beersmith my equipment profile has ‘Estimate boil hop util in whirlpool’ checked, which probably accounts for the further difference (my value for the 15 min hops is 16 IBUs for example). Anyway, no offence meant – this beer is just way too bitter for me although I like the idea and may try it again with less boil hops. I’m still drinking it though 😉

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