Grainfather G30ᵌ Replacement Inner Basket

Grainfather G30ᵌ Replacement Inner Basket


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Eedesigned perforated grain basket for the G30 Brewing System, removes the need for a top plate and pipework. This basket comes as a standard with the G30v3

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The first delivery of baskets 21/9/23, the number received was less than the number of people on the Wait List and sold out.

We have requested more stock, and hope to have a small amount week commencing 25th of September, so please add your name to the Wait List if you wish to purchase one of these.

Grainfather UK then expect further stock end of October/start of November, we will continue to talk with Grainfather and keep you updated as to when we expect this delivery.

Grainfather Inner Basket for G30ᵌ (new 2023 model)

  • NEW Perforated grain basket which requires no centre pipework

Awaiting more information and stock availability from Grainfather – as soon as they have it we will have stock available – Expected Date 14th of September

Grain Basket 

A stainless steel, perforated grain basket allows you to brew from 8 to 1.5 kg of grain. The rolled edge perforated base plate makes it easy to install. When ready for sparging, a basket handle is inserted into the grain basket to lift it up and out of the wort. Once lifted, a 45 degree turn allows the grain basket’s feet to rest on the specially designed support. The grain basket is then able to drain while you batch sparge over the top. A Sparge Water Heater can also be purchased to heat your water to the specific temperature required.

A redesigned perforated grain basket for the G30 Brewing System which removes the need for a top plate and additional pipework. This basket comes as a standard with the G30v3 but can be purchased as an upgrade for previous versions of the G30 Brewing System.

  • 1 x G30 Perforated Basket
  • Bottom Grain Plate
  • Silicone Recirculation Hose
  • Up to 8 kg (18 lb) grain capacity*
  • Maximum batch size of 25 L (7 US Gal) of wort
  • 304 Stainless Steel

*Grain capacity can reach 9 kg (20 lb) with a top plate (sold separately).

Additional information

Weight 3.75 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8438400000


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