Heathen Beans – Imperial Milk Stout

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A big milk stout enhanced with Tonka beans and barrel chunks.


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This is a Community Recipe created by jim-stiff

A big milk stout enhanced with Tonka beans and barrel chunks.

This recipe requires Tonka beans and Black Treacle to be added which are not included in the kit.

(Community Recipes are recipes that have been created by our customers who have then shared the recipe so that other customers can purchase them.)


Crisp Maris Otter (5000 grams)
Crisp Roasted Barley (300 grams)
Crisp Chocolate Malt (500 grams)
Crisp Flaked Barley (250 grams)
Dingemans Biscuit Malt (1000 grams)
Crisp Dark Crystal Malt (500 grams)
Weyermann® Carafa Special® Type 3 (300 grams)
Magnum Pellets (100 grams)
Oak Whiskey Barrel Chunks 500g (1 packs)
Lactose 500g (1 packs)
SafAle™ US-05 11.5g (2 packs)


Beer Style (main): British Ales
Beer Style (sub): British-Style Imperial Stout
Batch Size: 20
Original Gravity: 1099
Final Gravity: 1025
ABV %: 9.7%
IBU: 61

Temperature °C: 65
Length (mins): 90
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

Magnum – 60g – 60min
Lactose – 500g – 10mins
Black Treacle- 400g – 10mins (not included)
Magnum – 40g – 10min
Tonka Beans – 2.5 Beans grated – 10min (not included)
Yeast Nutrient – 10min (not included)
Protofloc Tablet (half) – 10min (not included)

Secondary additions and timing:

Rack onto secondary FV after two weeks primary ferment and add 500g whiskey, bourbon or rum Cask chunks. Leave to age for at least 30 days before bottling or kegging.

Yeast: US – 05 (2 packets)
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18c for 10 days then up to 20c for 4 days. Once racked, just age at ambient temperature.


This is a big beer, OG might be a bit lower due to the size of the grain bill. It will benefit from ageing as long as you can and if you want you can add more Tonka to the secondary FV to up the flavour of this ingredient.

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