Heretic Brewing Co. INCUBUS 650ml BB:12/12/2025

Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels 12%

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Barrel Aged Stout 2017 vintage

We love a big, rich, warming Imperial
Stout. What makes it even better? A
year mellowing in delicious bourbon
barrels. The time spent in the barrels
infuses the beer with bourbon, caramel,
and vanilla notes that add depth of
character and a smoothness that just
cannot be beat. It is certainly worth
the wait.

There was a time when all beer was stored in wood barrels. Some were new,
made for storing beer, but brewers have never been shy about reusing barrels that
might have held other alcoholic beverages. Back when I started brewing, aging
beer in bourbon barrels was something that was just being rediscovered. We were
all excited by the new flavors. It seemed so dramatic and bold at the time. It took
awhile, but eventually brewers discovered that the flavors of a rich stout were the
perfect complement to the bold flavors of a bourbon barrel. This is our tribute to
the delicious fusion of big, bold stout and big bold bourbon.


– Jamil Zainasheff

ABV: 12%

IBU: 45

SRM: 50

SIZE: 22oz 650ml Bottle

Please note at this time beer can only be shipped to addresses in the UK, any orders including beer outside of the UK will have it refunded.

Orders including beer must be placed before 11am on Thursday, any orders placed after this time will be held and shipped on a Monday to prevent it from being out of cold store over a weekend.

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