Intertap™ with flow control “Party style”

The ever popular stainless steel Intertap™ delivers beer via a stainless steel flow control disconnect

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This is the ideal solution for reliable mobile dispense. The ever popular stainless steel Intertap delivers beer via a stainless steel flow control disconnect. The top of the disconnect turns to allow flow to be controlled from almost off to fully open. This enables the tap to deliver anything from cask style to highly carbonated beers such as Heffe, lager etc. Also included is a spring which can be optionally used. With the spring in place between the the tap and the shank adapter the tap handle will spring back if no pressure is being place upon it. This is handy in a mobile situation as the tap cannot be knocked on, however, it does mean that two hands are needed to pour.

Can be used on any keg that uses AEB / Corny style posts as shown in the picture

Complete kits consists of:-

Intertap™ Gen 2 Forward Sealing Stainless Steel Tap

Round Tap Handle

Stainless Steel Tap Shank Adapter


Stainless Steel Disconnect With Flow Control

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