TMM Jumbo Oat Flakes 26

Jumbo oat flakes, perfect for adding smooth creamy mouthfeel to your brew.

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Working with one of the UK’s producers of oat based products we have sourced a wider range of products for use during brewing. These flakes are their largest flakes available, hence the term Jumbo.

Using oat flakes in your brew will add a creamy smooth mouthfeel to your beers because of the high concentration of beta-glucans. 5-60%, a wide range of use in various beer styles, 5-10% for an oatmeal stout, or anything from 15-50% for a New England style, it is recommended to experiment and find what works best for your recipe and personal taste.

There is no need to select a crush on oats as we will always provide these whole and uncrushed.

Its is recommended to add an amount of oat husks to your grain bill to allow for better flow and prevent the risk of a stuck sparge.

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