Keg King Apollo 30L Cooling Coil

Keg King Apollo 30L Cooling Coil


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Keg King Apollo Cooling Coil – Stainless Steel Cooling Coil for use with any of the Keg King Apollo 30 L fermenters.

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Control and maintain your fermentation temperature when fermenting with any of the Keg King Apollo 30 L fermenters, with the 30 L Cooling Coil from Keg King.

Use alongside the Grainfather GCA and GC2  or GC4  for ultimate cooling control.

Works with Keg King’s Apollo 30 L Snub Nose, Unitank or Titan. Also fits Apollo 60 L fermenter lids. The 60 L Jacket is recommended to optimise chilling in 60 L fermenters.

The coil is constructed of stainless steel 8mm tubing. To install, simply drill two holes in the expansion ports of your Apollo lid to accommodate the bulkheads of the cooling coil. Insert the threaded bulkheads through the holes using the silicone O-rings to create a seal on the underside of the lid.

The threaded bulkheads will protrude through the lid and can be held tight by the hex nuts on the exterior of the lid. Once positioned, the coils in the tank can be slightly separated to increase the contact area with the liquid. Coils are offset so they will not impede the operation of the plunge valve or centralised floating liquid pick up tube of the Apollo vessels.

Keg King Apollo Cooling Coil

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