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No need to disassemble or remove QD posts, dip tubes, or other fittings, all parts are cleaned in place

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Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher offers the homebrewer a convenient way to clean any classic Cornelius-style kegs (AEB or other similar variants).  To operate, simply remove the keg’s lid, tilt and insert the spray ball attachment into the keg’s lid opening, and then rotate the keg to secure the lip against the WaSsher’s silicone baseplate seal.  Secure the locknut and snug the entire assembly down.  Attach the two ball lock quick disconnect fittings to the gas-in and liquid-out posts ensuring there are no kinks in the silicone tube.  Lastly, turn your keg upside down and put the entire assembly into a standard 5-gallon (25 litre) bucket that contains 8 litres of your preferred cleaning solution, then activate the pump.  Now go grab a beer and relax while the Keg WaSsher does the rest.

No need to disassemble or remove QD posts, dip tubes, or other fittings, all parts are cleaned in place.  No more extra-long scrub brushes or elbow grease.  Since Ss Brewtech designed this washer to fit inside a 25 litre bucket, you can easily clean kegs in batches by setting up a wash station with 3 discrete buckets to perform cleaning, fresh water rinse, and acid sanitizer cycles.  All while leaving the washer attached to a single keg, just jump from one bucket to next until the keg is cleaned, sanitized and ready for use.  Since the Keg WaSsher only requires 8 litres of cleaning solution, the result is less chemical waste and less environmental impact than traditional cleaning methods.

Key Features
Hands free operation

Chemical resistant submersible pump
Attaches to common ball-lock Cornelius-style kegs ( AEB ) w/ removable lids
Powerful CIP spray ball
Entire assembly fits in 5-gallon bucket
Cleans inside of keg and ports simultaneously
Easily attaches/detaches from kegs
Perform clean, rinse, and sanitise steps all with the same unit

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

3 reviews for Ss Brewtech – Keg WaSsher

  1. themaltmiller2 (verified owner)

    This is an extravagant purchase. You certainly don’t need one of these, however it does save time and if you suffer backache from washing kegs, this’ll help a lot. It’s also great for cleaning the gas/liquid connectors and pipes, which is something I rarely bother with otherwise. It’s quick and easy to use, and cleans your kegs while you’re off doing other things. It’s not all rosy though.

    It doesn’t come with printed instructions – you need to go to SS Brewtech’s website and watch a video which refers to a different revision of this product. For instance the blue oval-shaped silicone in the supplied product has a large bit sticking up which in the video is added later. This leads to “this can’t be right” moments as you have to bend it out the way to screw the bar bit on.

    For £200 I’d expect the base to have somewhere you can hang your keg lid for cleaning. I’ve found the tip of the nozzle keeps popping off too and due to the rotating (and soapy wet) nature of it, there’s no easy way to screw it back on or tighten it up. Why on earth didn’t they flatten two sides of the round section so it can be gripped with a spanner, or just install it with threadlocker in the first place?

    SS Brewtech generally do high quality products which are worthy of their high cost. This is not one of them. The pump has the appearance of a cheap Chinese unit and gets very hot in use, so I have concerns about its longevity. Likewise the PSU appears to be cheap Chinese rubbish too. I’d feel this would represent low value for money for most people at half the price. I’d only recommend it to those with extremely limited time, or those for whom brewdays are all about managing back pain.

    Additionally, these come from the factory with a US to IEC C5 “cloverleaf” power cable. The Malt Miller sent a UK cable out to me right away – kudos to them – but if you’re going to want to use it right away, it might be worth adding a note to your order asking them to double-check for you. Or just use a laptop power brick cable if you have one…

    • Robert Neale (verified owner)

      Just a note, the keg washer and all other Ss Brewtech products that need plugs get sent with the correct plug for region. These are supplied by The Malt Miller as an free of charge extra, you will also receive the US plug as we do not remove them.

  2. Richard Clare (verified owner)

    After cleaning by hand I one day found black bits on my carefully crafted beer. Finally bought a dedicated washer, a bit pricey but really solid construction as usual from SS. Now I just connect to the washer it does all the hard work whole I get on with other things. Well worth the expense to have clean beer!

  3. James Carey (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect! This has to be one of my Best Buy’s to date. Not only does it save time, but saves you money in the long term. Granted it’s expensive but the amount of cleaning solution you save ( in my case PBW or Stella clean) it’ll pay for itself, if like me you have 5 kegs and like to give them a thorough clean after every use? ( apparently not necessary……… but a day invested in a brew for the sake of 30 minutes cleaning) for myself its a no brainer! Not only that, but I’ve managed to clean my conical fermenters successfully with this too ; ) by using a builders type flexible bucket. Hands down I’m giving this product 5 star’s

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